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800 888777 (within UAE)

+971 800 888777 (outside UAE)

10am – 10pm


2297 9977 (within Kuwait)

+965 2297 9977 (outside Kuwait)

9am – 9pm


800 30 100 10 (within KSA)

+966 800 30 100 10 (outside KSA)

9am – 9pm


What is the MUSE Loyalty Programme?

MUSE is a Loyalty Programme that brings together over 35 aspirational beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. By joining MUSE, you can collect Points when you shop at any of the participating stores. These Points can be redeemed for rewards and experiences with our participating stores and partners. There are 3 Tiers under the MUSE Loyalty Programme and each gives you access to exclusive benefits and experiences.

How can I join the MUSE Loyalty Programme?

Joining MUSE is easy and free, as long as you are an individual over 18 years old. There are five different ways to enrol in the MUSE Loyalty Programme:

In Store: by visiting any of our participating brands

App: by downloading the MUSE App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Tory Burch ecommerce: by visiting the website / /  

Online: by visiting the website and select Country of Operation

MUSE Concierge: by contacting the MUSE Concierge in your Country of Operations You will be required to provide some basic personal information and accept the terms and conditions to complete the enrolment process. In order to redeem your Points, you will need to download the MUSE App.

What are the participating stores under the MUSE Loyalty Programme?

We have over 35 brands participating in the MUSE Loyalty Programme.

To view the complete list, please visit below sites depending on the Country of Operation;

For UAE –

For Kuwait -

For KSA -

You can also download the MUSE App through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to use the interactive store locator.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for the MUSE Loyalty Programme?

To view our Terms and Conditions, please visit below sites depending on the Country of Operation;

For UAE –

For Kuwait -

For KSA -

Please visit to view the Privacy Policy of the MUSE Loyalty Programme. Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions can also be accessed through the MUSE App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


How can I collect Points under the MUSE Loyalty Programme?

You can collect Points at participating brands by providing your mobile number or by presenting your Virtual Card, accessible via the MUSE App.

How are Points calculated?

Points are calculated based on an eligible amount spent at any of the participating stores in the MUSE Loyalty Programme. The calculations vary by Tier.

You can collect Points on all eligible spend made at our participating stores with exceptions on exclusion items; such as the VAT on your purchases, redemption of vouchers, on a purchase of gift cards/gift certificates, certain discounted items and a few product catalogues.

Do my Points expire?

Yes, your Points are valid for a period of 24 months from the date they are earned. Your Points will expire on the last day of every month, at midnight.

Can I collect Points using any payment method?

Payment using cash, credit card, gift certificates, gift voucher, and gift cards are eligible to collect Points. Payment using coupons, MUSE Points and store credits are not eligible to collect Points. 


How many Tiers does the MUSE Loyalty Programme have?

MUSE is a Tiered loyalty programme, with the base Tier called Emerald followed by Sapphire and then Ruby. Tier Points are calculated based on eligible spend at participating stores. 

How can I achieve and maintain a higher Tier status?

As a member, your Tier status is valid for a period of 12 months and will depend on the Points earned in the last 12 months. Tier Points will be recalculated at the beginning of the 13th month and you will be moved to a Tier that reflects your current Tier Points balance. 


What are programme benefits?

Programme benefits are the year-long privileges that are granted to MUSE members on the basis of your Tier.

Where can I find the list of benefits available to MUSE members?

To view a full list your benefits based on your tier level, please visit;

For UAE –

For Kuwait -

For KSA -

Benefits are subject to availability with specific Terms and Conditions applicable to each benefit.


How can I redeem my Points?

Please ensure you have downloaded the MUSE App in order to receive the One Time Passcode (OTP) required during Points redemption. You can redeem your Points as payment towards your eligible purchases in participating stores, online stores (Tory Burch and Swarovski) or for experiences via the MUSE App.

Is it possible to redeem rewards by using both Points and cash?

You may choose to make a partial payment with Points and the remainder with cash or card on eligible products. You will collect Points on the amount paid by cash/card. Experiences can only be redeemed using Points.

Is it possible to collect Points and redeem them instantly?

You can redeem your Points after 48 hours when shopping online and 24 hourse when shopping in-store.

What are experiences?

Experiences are special moments we’ve created with our brands and preferred partners, just for you. All experiences can be found and redeemed exclusively via the MUSE App. We’re continuously adding exciting new experiences so be sure to keep a look out for the latest additions!


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